Beef Bourguignon

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This rich and complex stew hails from the region of Burgundy in France. The star of the dish is a robust red Burgundy wine, which is used to soften and tenderize tough cuts of Charolais beef, along with savory additions such as onions, garlic, thyme, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, and sometimes a few strips of dried orange peel to help make the flavors even richer.


The ingredients simmer for a long time until the meat is completely soft and succulent and all the juices have blended into a hearty, dark sauce. Some say the dish tastes even better after it has been refrigerated for 24 hours and reheated. Beef bourguignon dates back to the Middle Ages, when the slow-cooking process was used to soften tougher cuts of meat using only the ingredients that were readily available.

Pairing a serving of beef bourguignon with a full-bodied red Burgundy makes for a true gourmet delight.

Name Beef Bourguignon
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